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Pest We Manage

ant control
Ants live in colonies and are highly social insects. They can be annoying and even damaging when they get into your building. Fire ants and Carpenter ants are very common in Texas. They can have multiple colonies and cover large areas.
cockroach control
There are many different species of cockroaches in Texas. They are common pests that infest houses and other structures. They like the same enviroment as humans where there is food, warmth and moisture.
spider control
Most spiders in Texas are harmless to humans and are actually beneficial since they eat other small insects. Since spiders are very common, the best way to reduce their presence is to remove their food source which is other insects.
termite control
Termites live in social colonies, typically found in the soil. They foraging underground for fallen wood, or plant debris, they can also enter buildings causing extensive damage if left untreated. Termite colonies can be very large, and often times multiple colonies can be found on one property.
rat & mice control
Rodents are nocturnal and therefor are not seen for some time. Mice tend to nibble on things and make several trips to the food sources they find. They tend to become very costly pests because they cause a lot of food contamination because of their droppings and damage.
flea control
Fleas are small insects that live on animals such as cats and dogs. They are often introduced into homes when a pet brings them in from the outside. Fleas are small biting insects that feed on animals, but may also bite humans. The best prevention for fleas is to use a preventative treatment on your pets. Consult your veternarian for the right product for you pet.
crickets control
You will find two different kinds of crickets in Texas. The Black "Field Cricket" or the tan "Camel Cricket". Crickets like cool and damp environments around your building. They emerge at night to feed. They can be found in large numbers when attracted by lights around a building.
wasp control
Yellow jackets are aggressive and will attack anyone who invades their space. They carry venom that makes stings hurt. Yellow jackets nest outdoors in the ground. They will also nest in structures, typically in attics crawl spaces, wall voids, and foundations. The paper wasp, in most cases, is not an aggressive insect unless something comes too close or disturbs their nest. The sting of a paper wasp is similar to that of other wasps, but since they do not have a barbed stinger, they can sting repeatedly.
other control
There are many pest in Texas and most are just a nuisance pest. For example, Bees are beneficial most of the time until they get into your building. We suggest working with bee keepers for most problems. There are some dangerous bees in Texas and you will not know you are in trouble until it is to late. Bee keepers have the proper protective equipment to remove the bees and honey or if necessary to destroy colony.