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about us

The company roots go back to 1900 and Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Bell worked hard in these early days even during World War 1. Eventually Mr. Bell came to Dallas Texas around 1930 and got International Exterminator started with Harlan Baker. Mr. Baker expanded operations and moved the operation to Fort Worth Texas. From there offices where developed from El Paso to Houston. The industry has changed a lot since then and Mr. Baker was an active part of creating professional industry associations and promoting the importance of education for the service personal. As an engineer he developed tools and procedures for the new materials that came after World War 2.

The company was incorporated in the state of Texas in 1948 with a firm commitment to continue for many years. The company has help and solved pest problems of all kinds in Texas for more than 70 years.

International Exterminator Co is still active in the Chicago area but the two companies are not connected today.

why choose us?

International Exterminator Corp. is engaged in all phases of pest management:

  • International's technician not only have the latest and most effective products, but we also have the knowledge to get the job done right.
  • International's technician know the habits, life cycles, food preferences, and harborage areas of the pest they are tracking.
  • International's technician knows how to handle pest control products, when and where to apply them, and how much application is necessary.
  • A thorough inspection by a International technician can spot possible problems before they become serious and therefore limit the amount of products that need to be applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a long term contract? That is not required. We offer one time inspection and application as needed. This allows you to call us only when you need or want service. We also offer Monthly and Quarterly service for those customers who need or desire ongoing pest management.

Why should I hire a Pest Management Professional? Your property is usually your greatest financial asset. It is important to understand the biology of the pest and termites you need to control. Success depends on knowing what materials and tools will work best to manage the pest around the property. Sometimes just a physical change in the environment can solve problems that you just don't notice. We are trained to look for these kind of solutions first.

How long does treatment last? There are many variable than can determine how long it will last and the type of pest being controlled. Some pest invade your area one time other pest invade an area every day. It really gets down to how much pest pressure is in your area. It can even change from one side of town to the other.

That is why a Pest Professional is a good choice as we see the differences from around the community and can adapt our treatment to make the program last longer based on the environment and pest pressure.

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